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The beginning of it all..

Every strand in the tangled web of conflicts of Project Second Shadow finds its source in the Genesis War, five hundred years before Vander and Arian's story begins. The world was torn over the issue of the planet’s central power source, the Eon Seed. When Eon Energy’s resonance caused rampant mutations and crippled the environment, some became intent on banning its use while others fixated on researching it to find a way to reverse the process. Disarray escalated into a worldwide conflict that brought Earth and the human race to the brink of eradication. Then a third party emerged, refusing to ally with either warring group, a party called the New World Order. They were led by Nine Heroes said to have mastered the manipulation of Eon Energy. This group alone laid waste to the groups both for and against the use of the Seed’s power. They extinguished the fires of strife, at least for some time. This was the calm before the inescapable, indomitable, storm. Residual Eon Energy from the war gave rise to a creature called Destiny, a calamity bent on rending the planet bare. No one could claim to know what Destiny was, but one of the Nine Heroes, as they were the only ones ever to stand before it. Combining their Eon endowed abilities, the Heroes managed to strike Destiny down, but could not destroy it completely. Some stories tell that Destiny’s Energy still lingers where it was felled. Even with the battles finally over, Earth had received a death sentence. Under the influence of the Eon Seed’s power, the atmosphere surrounding the Earth itself began to solidify, threatening to entrap all creatures living on the planet within a volatile, solid shell.
Inspired by the valor of the Nine Heroes, the surviving population of the world enacted Operation Ark. It was devised by the sharpest minds left on Earth, to preserve the last of humanity. A massive flying vessel was constructed, built to sustain extreme conditions and transport humans, animals, and plant life free of Eon corruption above the semi-solid atmosphere. The ship collected a sample of the solidifying atmosphere for replication in the future. Following its departure, the ship circled the Earth for many years. The passengers awaited the day when the old sky would fully harden, seal the burden of their mistakes below a new crust, and give birth to an entirely New World.



Five hundred years later

What was once Earth's atmosphere became stone, and sealed the Old World forever in darkness. The ship touched down, and the last legacy of humanity found its new home. They were generations descended from the one that had set out from a dying world so many years ago. Through inheritance of their ancestors, they received the final gift of the heroes that had saved them: eight crystals, each one forged from a different Eon Subtype. The Gem Keys, they were called. With these, the settlers wrote the new laws of nature, and shaped the barren, crust of their New World into something of grandeur.



Even in rebirth, they could not escape man's curse

The same divisions arose amongst them. Each person held a different belief in the use of the Gem Keys, Eon Energy, and how to begin their monumental task. Debate after heated debate, groups with like-minded ideals began to conglomerate, and four major parties emerged. When the groups could not reconcile their vast differences, they each departed to their own corner of the New World, which eventually defined four main Regions. 



A republic, where officials are elected by vote of the Worthy Council in the Capitol. At the head of this table sits the The Governor. He and the Council hold executive power over the Region, and define all of its legislature from agriculture laws to Eon Energy regulation. While each representative on the Council is responsible for a settlement in the Region, most keep their post in the Capitol. Tayel stretches from the Eastern Waters to the Paratach River that divides the Great Continent in the west, the Korag Mountains in the north to the  Southern Waters. Tayel is made up of mostly small village and town settlements, with the exception of the thriving Capitol City, the hub of Eon Energy for the Region.The geography of the Region is different in each corner, from grassland villages like Serina near the Paratach, to borderline ghost towns in the southern desert. The Capitol is strategically removed from the mainland on a island accessible only by a single bridge, surrounded by hallucination-inducing marshes. 


 A Monarchy, ruled by the Kaster family since its founding by Carlisle Kaster at the great departure of the pioneers. Eon Energy little more than a whisper in a fable. Here heat comes from fire, buildings from stone, and prosperity from tireless work and loyalty to the Crown. The King keeps a close Panel of advisors from families of talent in economics, building, agriculture, warfare, and population management. The King and his Panel keep close relations with the tribes in bordering lands to keep the new world's peace. Kaster extends from the Paratach River in the east to the Western Waters; the same river in the north to the Southern Waters. In its high hills one will find many farming and lumber villages, small and large. On its rocky coasts, fishing breeds prosperity. Beneath the Capitol are Kaster's great mines, caverns that stretch for miles beneath the surface and the source of the Kingdom's masonry. From Kaster Castle's highest monumental tower, the Monarch has sight of all bordering Regions. 


A true Democracy, protected by vast military might and managed by a panel of four elected Chairpersons. In this Region, every single citizen's vote goes towards legal decisions of any kind for the whole of the people. The Chairpersons are responsible for collecting all votes. The Head of the four stands as the face of the Region in announcement of voting results and operates as head of foreign relations. Eon Energy is deeply woven in to Kresch's culture, the epicenter of its advanced technology. Without it, the frozen wastes of Kresch would be unlivable; with it, most people find prosperity inside a climate-controlled dome. Even so, Eon Energy brings as much downfall as much it does rise.  Surrounded by so much Eon radiation, most people in Kresch have become Midlings. Those who can afford  the right medication sometimes manage a full life before going feral. Those less fortunate are the reason feral containment squads are necessary, which is where the Anubis Initiation comes in. Kresch is closely guarded by them, a military organization run by the Head Chairperson. Kresch reaches from the edge of the Dry Plains in the east to the Shifting Sands in the west. Its northern border is across the sea at the foot of Mt. Glacius, its southern border the rim of the Green Valley. The perimeter of Kresch is enclosed by a four-hundred foot high wall, designed not only to keep undesired company out, but to keep renegade ferals in. 

Green Valley

 A strictly entrepeneurial Region. Since the time of the fable, leadership of the Green Valley is split between a consortium of Bankers and a Tribal Council in separate Capitols, both of which are tightly bound to the Gem Key of Growth.The Valley Tribe reveres the Key and the power it gives; they protect it in the Ceremonial Capitol of the Valley. The Bankers are at the center of a vast agricultural movement, arranging relations between farming families and the Valley Tribes for years. The Tribes protect the farms from neighboring Regions in exchange for a small portion of crops, given life by the Gem Key. The Bankers buy crops from the farmers and sell them to bordering Regions, none of which could stand without the support of the Valley. The whole operation is run out of the Business Capitol of the Region, where the Office of the Bankers is located. A whole new world of agriculture and commerce was born right here.