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STRAND: THE SILVER RADIO, a science fiction oddysey


Read the full book for FREE now on kindle! This is the definitive edition, complete with a map, bonus chapter, and extra illustrations. Help this dystopian science fiction novel climb to join the best sci fi books out there. 

A shape against the night, in the light of a highway construction sign, is a young man in trouble. An artist in an artless place, he must find his way in Strand's machine, their great Tower, or be thrown away like garbage. From rebellion to redemption to revolution, Quincy Famino intends to find his fate. 

In a place where human value is assigned by work efficacy and biological Augments, Quincy is what is called "unfit". In terms of specialty, he tests flat across the board. He is a gifted illustrator, but can he draw quadrant maps? No. Can he sketch skin grafts? No. To Strand, he is useless. Quincy faces downshipping to the  Nether Layer, the Tower's savage bottom level. His only chance is a long-forgotten friend, with whom he shares a terrible burden. His only hope is his direct opposite; a star student who sees him as worth it, despite his failure. 

In his struggle, Quincy entangles his fate with countless others like him. Everyone at the bottom. The scales have been tipped in the favor of the few for as long as history records. Terra Layer supervisors. Venter Layer designers. By chance, accident, or sheer will, Quincy could be the straw that tips it back. 

 Cover by Jen Weingarten 

 A special thanks to all the amazing illustrators that helped bring Quincy and his world to life! All credit for the images below goes to them. 

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