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Send your unpublished work!

Connect with me on the site of Facebook to send me some of your work, sample chapters, synopses, concepts or anything! I will look it over as a reader and writer and give whatever kind of feedback you need: story or narrative opinions or technical advice. I'd love to be your beta reader!


Meet other writers and build a community

We all need help getting on our feet as writers. Featuring other writers' work is one of the best ways to connect and give one another a boost. Maybe I won't be able to read every single submission that gets sent my way, but if we work together to support one another and build this community, I will be able to connect you with someone else who can help. 


Share your books

I need to do more reading in my genre (science fiction/fantasy) but I also need to do more reading in general, so all genres are welcome. Have you already published a book? No matter the venue, just send me a request and a way to get your book and I'll delve in, and even share a review on my blog, Facebook, or Twitter.