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The Science Fiction Epic Begins with the Eon Seed

by Justin Attas

The world would never be the same...

after the night the Eon Seed came in a shooting star. Research, revolution, and war ravaged human history and eventually planet Earth became uninhabitable. The Seed's power even turned our sky to stone. In an act of desperation a handful of survivors ventured beyond the shell, circling the planet in wait of the day they could return to their home. A new, blank crust hardened and the world began anew. If we had the chance to start over, what would we do? These science fiction-fantasy books explore the darkest nooks of those possibilities. 

Volume I

The First Story: The Forest Dweller

He lives in the trees, he never looks at anyone when he speaks, he has no family, and no one knows where he came from... could there be more to Vander than just the mongrel?

Upon first sight Delter, commander of the Anubis Initiation from Kresch thinks so. When he senses an incredible power resting within the boy, he offers Vander passage and stay at his base, Where he can train in the ways of Eon Energy- a sentient radiation that infects many where Delter comes from. But Vander is different. He has the potential to master this mysterious power in a way no one has since legend was history. 

What Delter never expected was that Vander's curiosity about his own past or love for his new friends would turn him against everything he set out to do. For the first time in his life, Vander is ready to write his own story, even if he is entirely unsure where it will go.

The first of an epic chronicle of science fiction books.

The Eon SEed

Volume II

The Second Story: Prince of Shadows

Across the continent, months before Vander's story begins, unrest stirs in the tradition-bound Region of Kaster when an ambassador from the northern lands arrives unannounced with a troubling prophecy: denial sows death.

When King Arnold Kaster refuses to bend an ear to cryptic whispers, chaos and blood take his kingdom. At the center of it all is adopted Prince, Arian, who discovers a power rests within him even more ancient than the traditions that dispute its very existence. But in a war against powerful wielders of the disaster called Eon Energy, the only hope is someone who can return the favor. To turn this tide is to tear down the pillars his father's kingdom was built on.

Arian's choice is clear, no matter the cost; to save the only home he has ever known, he stands among companions he hardly trusts to become one of its greatest outlaws.

The second of an epic chronicle of science fiction books.

The Fable